Contract Research Services
Ina Research provides study services for developmental products. We routinely provide higher education and trainings to study personnel including Study Directors and technologists, thus, actively supporting them to become more specialized in their fields of interest. We also have a supporting system for designing and evaluating studies, which consists of supervisors who have significant experiences in R & D. Additionally, Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are enhanced to ensure the quality and reliability of various studies.

We conduct all studies in full compliance with international GLPs and worldwide regulatory guidelines. In terms of safety studies, we have broad experience not only in general toxicity studies, but also in long-term infusion studies and studies in juvenile animals. Reproductive and developmental toxicity studies have been some of our specialty studies since Ina Research has been established. Safety studies, safety pharmacology studies and efficacy studies employ high quality cynomolgus monkeys, which are bred and conditioned in our Philippine laboratory for high precision study evaluations.
  Clinical Examinations
  Chemical Analysis
  Quality Assurance
In order to meet with the requirements of foreign and Japanese clients, Ina Research offers services on translation of various non-clinical study reports, scientific papers and literature from Japanese to English, and vice versa. These translation services are not limited to contracted studies of Ina Research. Our Translation Services Group offers high-quality translations with the support of in-house experts and consultants, including an American toxicologist.
Laboratory Environmental Control Products
At our Environmental Operation Department, environment-friendly products are
developed, designed and marketed by utilizing our special knowledge as a contract
laboratory conducting pre-clinical studies. These products are widely introduced in the
field based on our own study data. Furthermore, we have a service for planning, designing, construction, disinfection,
maintenance, and renewal and delivery of experimental devices and equipment for
animal laboratory facilities.

"자세한 사항은 홈페이지 에서 보시거나, 저희에게 연락 주시면 상세한 책자를 보내 드리겠습니다."